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Internet & Website Basics

Allow LAWYERWEBTEMPLATES to take your online worries away and let you concentrate on what you know best, your law practice. You won't need to have any HTML, web design or programming skills to develop your web site through LAWYERWEBTEMPLATES. We take care of those aspects for you right up front allowing you to simply add your own custom content.

For those of you who are new to the process of getting a web site, the information below is a simple explanation as to what any business needs to get themselves online with a web site. To get a web site up and running you need the following three things:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Site
  3. Hosting

Domain Name
A domain name or URL is the web site address that your site will be located. (For example, is the LAWYERWEBTEMPLATES web site address.) You can select any domain name that you want, so long as it's available. The most common extensions for a domain name are: .com, .net, .org.

Web Site
The content or information that a site visitor to your web site sees is considered your web site. Your site generally includes graphics or images and text.

After building your site and acquiring a domain name, your site needs to be hosted on a web server that has access to the Internet. Without a web site host, nobody will ever see your content. Now, with your site hosted, when people enter your firmís web site address or domain name into the address bar of their web browser, they can access your web site.

LAWYERWEBTEMPLATES provides all of the above for our clients. The web site and the hosting are included in your low monthly fee. The domain name is something we provide free of charge for the first year if you don't currently have one and then we charge an annual renewal fee of $35 every year after (assuming you're still a customer). If you already have a domain name, no problem, you can still use it with LAWYERWEBTEMPLATES and you will continue to renew it with your existing registrar.

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